Welcome to iiProo - Talented people social media

Welcome To iiProo

A social media platform for creative individuals is called iiProo. Talented people have the chance to swiftly become well-known on a global scale.

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How does it work

Step by Step for a great start up.

Sign-up as a talent user

Only Talented users can get the most out of iiProo. Read more to get started

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Get a rank in your county by your talent category.

Make sure that we support your talent

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Challenge other talents

Win to get in the first 32 ranks in your country

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Local competition

The first 32 in the country rank will move to the local competition

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World Competition

The #1 in every country will face the top from the other countries.

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Talent User Profile

Now with iiProo you have new features in the Profile.

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The Most Exited Trend

Now you can be in front of the whole world.

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Money Support

Users can support the talents they love with money.

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You can be here as a talent

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Fan User Profile

Totally different profile then talent users.

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Live challenges

you can watch and follow your favorite talent or as many as you like.

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Home Page

You can choose what to see in your home page.

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The most important part is voting which you help make the world see the best talents by voting to the best.

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