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Unleash Your Creativity: iiProo is not just another social media platform; it's a vibrant community designed to empower talented individuals like you. Whether you're an artist, musician, writer, performer, or any other kind of creative soul, iiProo provides the perfect stage to showcase your skills and passions to the world.


How does it work?

Sign up with your talent, earn points through competitions, and rise in ranks. Top talents compete nationally and internationally for recognition. Fans support their favorites. Join iiProo today and embark on your journey to fame and creativity!

Sign Up as a Talent User

Begin your journey by signing up as a Talent User on iiProo. Create your profile, highlight your talent, and become a part of our creative community.

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Earn Points through Competitions

The path to recognition starts with competing against other talents in your country. For every victory, you earn a point, while each loss deducts a point. Accumulate points and prove your mettle in the world of creativity.

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Secure a Spot in the Top 32

Aim high and strive to secure one of the 32 coveted seats in your country. Achieve a prominent rank and move forward to the next phase of the competition.

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Advance to the Local Competition

As one of the top 32 talents in your country, you'll advance to the local competition. Showcase your skills, captivate the audience, and compete for the chance to represent your nation on the global stage.

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Represent Your Country Globally

The winner of the local competition earns the remarkable opportunity to represent their country in the global competition. Compete against champions from other nations and demonstrate your exceptional talents to the world.

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Seize the Best Talent Title

Global triumph isn't just fame, it's history. The winner earns $1 million, the 'Best Talent' title, and lasting recognition for their unparalleled creativity.

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Trending Now

Instant Fame, Pure Talent. On iiProo's Trending Page, every talent user's post rises to the forefront within seconds, no ads needed. Let true creativity speak and captivate.

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Live page

Witness talents compete and explore new rising stars in real-time.

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Support your favorite talents directly with financial contributions.

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Talent User Profile

Stand out with a verified blue check mark and share your artistic journey.

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Cast your authentic votes for the best talents in fair competition.

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Engage, support, and add vibrancy to the talents' creative world.

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Stay connected with updates from talents you follow, or explore more on Trending.

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Your fan identity – comment, like, support, and shape the success of talents.

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