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iiProo is a specialized social media platform designed exclusively for talented individuals to showcase their skills and challenge other talented people locally and globally to get fame, It offers a unique space to express your artistic talents and engage with like-minded individuals from around the world.

iiProo welcomes talents from a wide range of categories including visual arts, music, performing arts, writing, photography, digital design, and more. If you believe your talent deserves recognition, iiProo is the platform for you.

Points can be earned by participating in talent competitions and winning against other users within your talent genre. Each victory contributes to your points, enhancing your position in the rankings.

Ranking among the top 32 talents in your country within your genre qualifies you for the local competition. It's a step closer to becoming a national champion and representing your country on an international stage.

The local competition involves the top 32 talents from your country competing against each other. The winner of the local competition earns the title of national champion and moves on to represent their country in the global competition.

While you can showcase multiple talents on your profile, you'll need to choose a primary genre for the competition. Focus on excelling in that genre to have the best chance of progressing in the competitions.

International champions are determined through a series of competitions where national champions from different countries compete against each other. The ultimate winner is chosen based on their performances, creativity, and audience engagement. Its users vote only and no one can cheat or vote more than one time, people who vote are random and don't know you but they will know your talent.

iiProo provides a platform for talent recognition, networking with fellow creatives, and exposure to a global audience. It's an opportunity to elevate your profile, gain valuable feedback, and possibly become an international icon in your talent category. And a $1m prize for the 1st winner on the global stage.

Right now everything is online, from your phone.

Yes, free for fans but paid for talent users, iiProo offers free registration and basic features.

Getting started is easy. Sign up as a talent user, create your profile, and start sharing your talents. Engage with the community, participate in competitions, and let your journey to talent recognition begin!